Innobasque. Basque Innovation Agency

  • Strategic thinking process aimed at defining a strategic plan which includes following elements: vision, value proposition, business model, model of organisation and management, and a system of relations of Southern Europe's Clean Tech Hub.
  • Comparative study of benchmarking world-wide systems and networks in the area of science, technology and innovation, with the aim of identifying successful experiences by designing its value proposition and taking it to market.
  • Mapping of the socio-sanitary sector of the Basque Region.
  • Research and study process aimed at the definition of a working framework which allows the design of a support programme for intra-entrepreneurship for SMEs. Pilot test follow-ups.
  • Analysis of regional and international experiences centred around the organisation of "large events promoting innovation" and the concession of "innovation awards" and the preparation of recommendations for the start-up of new initiatives of international importance in the Basque Region.
  • Study aimed at defining the "Framework of European Public Procurement: advantages, disadvantages and main levers of action", analysing how public purchasing policy can improve competitiveness and innovation in Regions. 
  • Benchmarking of the main European regions leading the way in innovation with the goal of identifying the general fundamental traits of the innovative regions, and proposing action aimed at advancing the innovation capacity of Euskadi in the fields of: social innovation, technological innovation, business transformation, internationalisation, as well as promotion and communication.
  • Support provided to the Basque Innovation Agency aimed at the identification and the comparative analysis of other organisations supporting innovation, and which might become a national or international benchmark.