Fevas (Basque Federation of Associations Supporting the Intellectually Impaired)


  • Technical support provided in the area of health.
  • Study of the stratification of People with Intellectual Disability according to health needs, as well as a needs analysis of socio-sanitary co-ordination.
  • Socio-sanitary Living Lab for Intellectual Disability.
  • Dual RD&i strategy in the area of Intellectual and Developmental Disability, which balances short-term operations management of needs and projects, with planning and future organization of RD&i.
  • Report presented to the Gipuzkoa Provincial Government on behalf of the Basque Federation of Associations Supporting the Intellectually Impaired on the value of social spending on this sector of the population. The report considers it to be a long-term investment in the Province, as well as a short-term source of wealth and employment creation in Gipuzkoa.
  • Economic impact survey of activities related to the intellectually impaired throughout the Basque Autonomous Region. Assessment of the influence on the generation of the Gross Internal Product, Employment and Income for the various public administrations.
  • Strategic thinking on the future performance of associations supporting the intellectually impaired, with special emphasis on research, development and innovation.