SPRI. Basque Development Agency


  • Technical support provided for the implementation, follow-up and final evaluation of the 2020 Interinstitutional Entrepreneurship Plan (PIE 2020), covering the periods of 2019, 2020 and 2021.
  • Support provided in the Basque Region´s participation in the Vanguard Initiative, a European interregional co-operation programme.
  • Developed a progress report of the Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) in the Basque Region
  • Drawing-up of the position paper supporting the priorities in Smart Specialisation (RIS3) of the Basque Ministry of Economic Development and Competitiveness.
  • Design of a plan crossing government-business lines aimed at promoting a culture of entrepreneurship.
  • Define a strategic framework intended to favour development of "advanced entrepreneurship" throughout the Basque Autonomous Region.
  • Design and implement the Basque Agency for Innovation.
  • Support with the thinking process and definition of the plan "Euskadi sociedad emprendedora" (Basque Country: entrepreneurial society).