Biobasque - The Basque Bioregion

  • Extensively developed the content of the strategy to accelerate growth in Biosciences, its integration into other economic sectors and augment sector impact in the greater economy of the Basque Region.
  • Study of the current situation, challenges and future proposals in the biosciences field in the Basque Region.
  • Evaluation of BioBasque's Strategy for 2010, as well as a diagnostic of the Biosciences sector in the Basque Region aimed at designing a new strategy for BioBasque Biociences 2020.
  • Analysis of the overall impact of Biosciences on the Basque Autonomous Region. The objective is to bring into focus sectorial development and inform general society of the scope and importance of Biosciences in the Basque Country as an economic sector in its own right, as well as a motor of economic competitiveness and other traditional sectors.