Bilbao City Council 

  • Methodological support in checking the Plan for a Bilbao district called "Imagine Otxarkoaga". 
  • Analysis of pertinent legal requirements and definition of a public service model in eGovernment.
  • Needs and demands survey, as well as a definition of a model to deal with the public in face-to-face citizen affair interactions for the City of Bilbao.
  • Definition of a "Model of the future of the 010 Bilbao City Council telephone information service" provided by Bilbao City Council. This service informs callers from the public on a range of information from Public Administration, municipal services, transportation, hotels and restaurants, to culture, sport and sundry local activities. The goal of the model is to identify, define and implement opportunities for specific improvements via an Action Plan designed for that purpose.
  • Organizational needs identification to aid the implementation of the Registry and File Management computer programme within the Citizen Relations Department of Bilbao City Council.
  • Identification, definition and implementation of improvement opportunities in the area of public service and the management of the Citizen Relations Department of Bilbao City Council.
  • Drawing up of Project Report with the aim of applying for financing under the auspices of the URBAN Programme for the area of "Bilbao La Vieja" neighbourhood in Old Bilbao.
  • Economic and social impact survey of the public works and services promoted by the City Council of Bilbao.