Gobierno Vasco (Basque Government)



Industry, economic promotion and energy

  • Development and follow-up of the Inter-institutional Entrepreneurship Plan - PIE 2017-2020.
  • Support provided in developing the Basque Government’s Business Internationalization Plan for 2017-2020.
  • Support provided in the promotion and revitalisation of the activities of the Basque Internationalisation Consortium during 2015.
  • Technical Secretariat of support for the programmes and actions to encourage employee participation in companies.
  • Technical Secretariat of support for the Intrapreneurship initiative; that is to say, the development of new businesses within companies.
  • Operational launch of the Basque Consortium for Internationalisation during 2014.
  • Definition and follow-up of the Management Plan for the Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness for the 2013-2016 legislature.
  • Support provided in the design and follow-up of different sectorial plans over various legislatures:

o   Industrialisation Plan;

o   Internationalisation plan for business;

o   Various plans developed to foster entrepreneurship of an inter-departmental and inter-institutional nature;

o   Competitiveness Plan.

  • Support provided in designing public policy to encourage worker participation in companies.
  • Design of the strategy and operational procedure of the Basque Internationalisation Consortium. Support provided in the launch and promotion of the Consortium.
  • Support provided to justify the vertical priorities of Basque Government smart specialisation (RIS3).
  • Drafting of a base document towards a strategy for rural development.
  • Definition an Innovation programme in business models for the Agri-food and Basque rural sectors.
  • Support provided in designing Government policy in the bio-sciences field by means of various projects. Learn more (Biobasque)
  • Support provided to the Basque Energy Agency in various strategic thinking and decision-making processes regarding specific aspects. Learn more (EVE link).

 Healthcare and Social Services

  • Developed a Strategy of Research and Innovation in Health 2020 for the Basque Government Ministry of Health.
  • Action proposal to promote healthcare in all areas of Basque Government policy, both by means of an inter-sectorial project and an evaluation of the impact on the healthcare initiatives of other Basque Government Departments.
  • Support provided in designing a programme for citizen and institutional participation.
  • Support provided in evaluating the Strategy for Chronicity in Euskadi.
  • Economic impact survey undertaken on healthcare in the Basque Region from 2006 to 2010, as well as related training.
  • Support provided in the systematisation of management of checks and balances in hiring practice in healthcare, undertaking an evaluation of hiring practices during 2011.
  • Systematisation and standardisation of ensuring healthcare in the Basque Region.
  • Conceptual definition undertaken for a centre for research and socio-sanitary knowledge management in the field of care and support of the elderly and disabled (later to become Etorbizi).
  • Preliminary draft drawn up for the Innovation Forum of the Department of Health with the aim of supporting competitiveness in Basque companies in the socio-sanitary sector.
  • Support provided in the implementation of strategy for the Department of Health following the EFQM Model (EFQM report for the Department; definition of the corporate scorecard; strategic deployment and process maps).

Modernisation of Government, good government and prospection

  • Strategic thinking undertaken, by means of Emergent Thinking methodology, regarding the future role of the Office of Modernisation of the Public Basque Administration.
  • Technical support provided to the Advisory Council of the Lehendakari for Socio-economic Affairs in the platform on "Demographics, Economic Growth and Sustainability of Public Accounts Towards 2030".


  • Support provided in the feasibility plans of various instruments of cultural policy: Etxepare Basque Institute; Basque Sports Foundation (Basque Team); public institute for the arts and cultural industries; and public library aimed at concentrating and transmitting the totality of knowledge and culture related with the Basque Region, and with promoting the Basque language.
  • Support provided in defining the contribution made by the sectors of education, culture and environment to the Basque Government strategy of smart specialisation (RIS3).
  • Estimation of the economic impact of reform and urban renewal of the Basque Government Housing Department.


  • Consulting services provided to the Basque Consortium on Internationalisation (Basque Trade Investment)
  • Support provided in justifying the vertical priorities of the smart specialisation of the Basque Government (RIS3).
  • Development and follow-up of the Basque Inter-institutional Plan in Support of Entrepreneurship - PIAEE 2013-2016.
  • Definition of a strategic framework to promote the development of ‘advanced entrepreneurship’ in the Basque Region.
  • Design and implementation of a proposal for the Basque Agency for Innovation.
  • Support provided in a thinking process and the definition of “Plan Euskadi: Entrepreneurial Society”.
  • Conceptual design of the contents for the new SPRI website.