Fundación Hazi Fundazioa


  • Design of the Strategic Plan for Hazi Fundazioa.
  • Defined the new strategy: NORABIDE2024.
  • Detailed SWOT study undertaken of the financial and social goals as set out in blocks 1 and 3 of the new Common Agricultural Policy (PAC).
  • Carried out an analysis of the business model and of the Roadmap of a Centre for Entrepreneurship and Digitalisation of the Basque Food Chain.
  • Designed a strategy to support entrepreneurship in the food chain and wood chain.
  • Organised acceleration projects of advanced entrepreneurship in the food chain.
  • Design of the strategy to support entrepreneurship throughout the Basque countryside and coastal area. 
  • Support provided in the Strategic Thinking process at Hazi.
  • Definition of an Innovation programme in Business Models for both the Agri-Food sector and the Basque rural setting.