CAF Group

  • Reviewed the Group’s R&D Organisational Model. 
  • Assessment and identifying of opportunities for improvement in CAF’s prospection process.
  • Survey of emerging markets.
  • Reflection on opportunities in new lines of business.
  • Design of a testing and certification centre for rolling stock, in collaboration with one of technological centres of the Basque Autonomous Region.
  • Appraisal of the competitive positioning and definition of the future development plan of Tradinsa Industrial, a subsidiary of CAF Group, assessing their contribution to CAF Group's overall strategy.
  • Support in the process of defining management mechanisms for the Group's subsidiaries, establishing support measures in the strategic confluence of the various organizations with the CAF's general strategy.
  • Process of strategic thinking on the development of two subsidiaries of the company, assessing the best organizational focus to favour future competitiveness.