Carbures: a unique business experience with a promising future

On 4th April, here at B+I Strategy we had the opportunity of hearing first-hand the business experience of Carbures, thanks to a visit by José María Tarragó, Executive Vice-President and CEO of the company.

After a presentation of the history of Carbures, from since its inception at the University of Cadiz to its listing with the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (a sub-market of the Spanish Stock Exchange), a variety of questions were discussed: the business model of Tier 2 companies in the aerospace sector; growth via acquisitions; industrial issues and issues of the supply of carbon fibre; and development dates in the aerospace sector, among others.


Watch José María Tarragó (when he was Executive Vice-President of Ficosa) speaking about business diversification in the following video from the B+I Strategy’s II Strategic Conversations held in May de 2010.