CLEANTECH Now! Held at Alhondiga Bilbao


Organised by Innobasque in collaboration with its partners, the culminating moment of the Cleantech Forum Europe (Bilbao, 16-18 April) was held today under the heading of “CLEANTECH now!” at Alhondiga Bilbao.

The goal of this encounter was to bring innovation and clean technologies closer to young people by promoting their entrepreneurial capacity. To that end, Innobasque has worked closely with all the universities and Vocational Training Centres in the Basque Region to define two specific activities with young students.

The two activities of the day were:

  • GreenInn: A workshop aimed at university students who want to create, have fun and feel part of the future of today’s companies by creating and prototyping services and products in the sustainable and renewable energy sector.
  • Cleantech Showcase: A contest where university students presented either their final year project, or business project, in the field of clean technologies.

B+I Strategy had the honour of being on the Judges Panel of Cleantech Showcase.

The winning project was entered by BIRZITZA, a package recycling company.


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