Our latest publication is now out: Estrategia Nº000009

Our latest publication is now out: Estrategia Nº000009

On 30th June, B+I Strategy launched Estrategia Nº000009 in an online event, the ninth and latest publication in a series of annual releases on Strategy.

During the live-streamed event, which viewers followed on our website (www.bmasi.net), a stimulating and lively discussion took place between Jon Fernández (Managing Director of Orbea S.Coop.); Mikel Barandiaran (CEO of Dominion Group); Pilar Kaltzada (journalist and Managing Partner of Linking Ideas), and Sabin Azua, Partner and CEO of B+I Strategy.

Estrategia Nº000009 emerged in the Spring of 2020 and is the latest in what is now a tradition, and an event not to be missed on everybody’s calendar. Originally, this book was to be printed and distributed to numerous offices, but it was digitalized in order to adapt to the current situation. As a result, though, we miss out on gifting it to friends, thumbing through it and deciding where on the shelf to place it. What does remain intact, however, is our invitation to discuss the topics we pose, while enjoying the sounds produced as ideas quietly sort themselves out.


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