Sabin Azua participates in 'Economic Development Fridays'

Sabin Azua participates in 'Economic Development Fridays'

On Friday 29th March, B+I’s CEO and Manager, Sabin Azua, participated in Viernes de Desarrollo Económico (Economic Development Fridays) which is part of a series of seminars organised by the Regional Government of Navarre.

Held at the Palacio Condestable (Pamplona-Iruñea), the theme of this seminar was the sectorial groupings of companies and innovation centres, or clusters, and their role in business innovation and competitiveness. Along with two experts on these groupings and systems of business promotion, the managers of the following five clusters operating in Navarre participated in the event: Javier Belarra, Co-ordinator of ACAN (automotive); Arturo Cisneros, Manager of CLAVNA (audiovisual); Mar González, Manager of the Functional Print Cluster; Manuel Rodríguez, Manager of Enercluster (wind power); and Sandra Aguirre, Manager of Nagrifood (agri-food).

After the opening remarks, Sabin Azua gave his talk which was entitled: "Are clusters a valid instrument today to promote business competitiveness?" Mr Azua was then followed by Mr Joan Martí, Director of Development of Clusters in Acció, who spoke about the role of Boards of Directors in the system of governance.

Finally, led by the managers of the five clusters in Navarra, the round-table discussion centred on the role of clusters as a driving force behind business innovation by means of developing joint projects. The whole session was brought to a close by Izaskun Goñi, General Director of the Department of Economic and Business Policy, and Labour of the Government of Navarre.