Sabin Azua participates in the Eusko Ikaskuntza Conference

Sabin Azua participates in the Eusko Ikaskuntza Conference

On the occasion of the centenary of Eusko Ikaskuntza, The Society for Basque Studies, a series of thinking sessions have been carried out on the seven territories of Baskland, entitled "Geroa Elkar-Ekin, The Future that brings us together".

On 9th November, the conclusions of the Geroa Working Group were presented within the seminar entitled "Socio-Economic Development: Basque Society and the Company". Sabin Azua spoke in one of the three parallel conversations which were held, after attendees had heard from: Miguel Laparra (Deputy Chair of Social Services of the Government of Navarre); Angel Toña and Arrate Arin (Eusko Ikaskuntza); Joseba Zaklakain (SSIS); Imanol Esnaola (Gaindegia); and Tomás Arrieta (Council on Labour Relations).

Finally, Juanjo Álvarez moderated a conversation on Business Models and Labour Relations where Helena Franco (Public Basque University-EHU/UPV) and Javier Ramos (Lanbide) dealt with a number of aspects of the socio-economic reality of Basque business, as well as models of employee relations and employee-participation in Basque companies.