Sabin Azua addresses an audience in Uruguay on "Building Competitiveness"

Sabin Azua addresses an audience in Uruguay on "Building Competitiveness"

On 8th June, a mini-seminar was held under the theme of "Building Competitiveness: The Importance of Public Institutions and Participation" at the Institute for Competitiveness of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the Universidad Católica del Uruguay as part of a series of events to celebrate the Institute’s 10th anniversary. The event was organised by the Institute for Competitiveness, and sponsored by CAF – The Development Bank of Latin America, and SEPÉ – Centre for Innovation.

Speaking at the event was Martín Dibarboure, Assistant Director of the Presidential Office of Planning and Budget of the Republic of Uruguay, who was followed by Sabin Azua, B+I Strategy CEO and Partner who shared his ideas on the topic with his presentation entitled "Public Institutions and Competitiveness: Successful International Experiences". Mr Azua related three successful examples: Finland, Denmark, and the Basque Region, going on to explain how competitiveness is built up over decades, and how important it is for a given society as a whole to agree upon what kind of country is desired, which, in turn, determines the appropriate policy design to attain that goal.

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