Sabin Azua participates in a session 'Playing to think about our company' at FVEM

Sabin Azua participates in a session 'Playing to think about our company' at FVEM

On 21st April a 'Playing session to think about our company' was held at the offices of the Federation of Companies in the Metal Sector of Bizkaia (FVEM) in Bilbao. Organised by FVEM, it was aimed at General Directors, Upper Level Managers, and HR people in member companies of the organisation and those interested in learning a new and innovative methodology which supports thinking and the creative contribution of people by means of team-work.  

Sabin Azua explained to participants the workings of the strategic thinking methodology called 'LEGO-Emergent Thinking', which uses LEGO pieces as a tool to promote strategic thinking and identity building in an organisation in a unique and creative manner. Over the last 10 years, here at B+I Strategy we have been able to employ this methodology in both public and private sector organisations in over 30 encounters of this type.

So, how can this game be a key factor in strategic thinking processes? By using the 'LEGO' Methodology in Thinking Processes one can:

  • Promote an open dialogue amongst the individuals within the organisation;
  • Visualise abstract ideas having to do with the organisation and what action to take;
  • Involve participants in the results of the process;
  • Learn to identify elements within the organisation;
  • Learn to anticipate changes and other events, and design appropriate responses.

In a hands-on session the participants were able to learn the virtues of this methodology by 'learning by playing'.