Commercial management and business strategy

B+I associates Igor Revilla and Mikel Achotegui have participated in the last meeting for 2015 of the internationalisation working group of the AFM cluster (The Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Machine Tools, Accessories, Parts and Tools). After a brief presentation, a discussion was held regarding the role which the commercial department of a Company must play in the design and implementation of business strategy.

The commercial department, and more specifically Commercial Management, contributes key information for decision-making, and its involvement is critical in order to implement decisions. Unfortunately, however, in many companies it either does not receive the attention it merits, or it is not adequately managed, leading to inappropriate decisions on occasion.

On that basis, B+I‘s goal was to explain the various links between commercial management and business strategy, as well as to draw attention to the most frequent errors while offering some ideas for improvement.

We wish to express our gratitude to AFM for the invitation. Here at B+I we like to participate actively in this type of events as it allows us to crosscheck our practical experience in working with many of our client companies in a given sector.