Oscar Valdivielso gave a presentation at the seminar: “People for companies, and companies for people”

Oscar Valdivielso gave a presentation at the seminar: “People for companies, and companies for people”

On 30th June, a seminar entitled "People for companies, and companies for people" was held at the SPRI Auditorium in Bilbao. With over 50 people in attendance, the seminar came on the heels of the unveiling of the new Basque Government programme Innobideak Pertsonak (Innovating People), which aims to encourage worker participation in businesses. 

Speaking at the seminar were: Luis Unceta-Barrenechea (CEO & Director of BSK Legal y Fiscal); Jorge Darpont (Corporate Director of INGEMAT); Oscar Valdivielso (Associate Consultant, B+I Strategy); and Josu Ocariz (SPRI) who presented the Innobideak Pertsonak programme. The objectives of the seminar were:

  • To clarify concepts regarding worker participation;
  • To share examples of worker participation in companies throughout the Basque Region;
  • To identify the main limiting factors, and legal and tax alternatives of models of worker participation in companies;
  • To learn about the mechanisms of public support of worker participation available to companies. 

During his presentation, B+I’s Oscar Valdivielso reviewed some of the clichés and 'popular myths' regarding worker participation. He then went on to detail the benefits it brings, the reasons for developing this type of business model and the conditions necessary in order to undertake a process of organisational transformation by means of worker participation.

Materials and videos from the seminar:

Bienvenida y presentación del programa Innobideak Pertsonak de SPRI


 Presentacion programa de ayuda innobideak-pertsonak 20

 “Mitos y realidades” de la empresa participativa. Oskar Valdivielso

Jornada "Personas para las empresas y empresas para las personas"

 Caso práctico de INGEMAT. Su modelo de participación de personas trabajadoras


Caso práctico INGEMAT.

 Condicionantes y alternativas legales y fiscales de los modelos participativos - Luis Unceta


Toma de participación. Condicionantes y alternativas legales y fiscales