Seminar with the Energy Cluster and Gaia

Seminar with the Energy Cluster and Gaia

On 5th May, a seminar entitled "Developing services in the value chain in the energy sector: What, why, and how", was held in Bilbao under the auspices of the Energy Cluster and Gaia, and in collaboration with B+I Strategy.

After a presentation by BMASI Associate, Igor Revilla, a round-table discussion was held with Luis María Pérez (Director General of GE Digital Energy, for Europe, the Middle East and Africa); Pedro de la Peña (Head of R&D Projects, IberEnergy); Fran Garrastachu (Head of O&M, Gamesa); and B+I Strategy’s Beatriz Tejedor as moderator.

With close to 50 sector representatives in attendance, the discussion covered such issues as: Which non-manufacturing activities are critical in the various value chains of the energy sector? What is the role of the OEM, the components manufacturers and services companies in these activities? What disruptions are taking place in the market? What role are ICTs playing in these activities, and what new business opportunities do they generate? What difficulties arise from intellectual property?

B+I Strategy shall continue to discuss these questions in a variety of fora, as part of the phase of dissemination and information exchange of our research findings on the development of services in industrial companies.

Watch Igor Revilla's presentation (Spanish)