Training the next generation of Basque intra/entrepreneurs

Over 40 people participated in the first-ever Seminar on Intra/Entrepreneurship held at Bizkaia Science Park, for two days (20th-21st November). Under the expert hand of renowned leaders in the field, all the participants had the opportunity to discuss in detail the key aspects of the process of creating new businesses within the company. The overwhelming success of this event has made a second session possible, set to be held 12th-13th March 2015 at Gipuzkoa Technology Park.

This Seminar is one of a series of activities sponsored by the Intra/Entrepreneurship Initiative, under the auspices of the Basque Government Department of Economic and Competitiveness Development and in collaboration with the Centres of Companies and Innovation of AlavaBizkaia and Gipuzkoa.

Tasked with heading up the sessions were Mathieu Carenzo (Venture Hub), Antoni Flores (Loop Business) and Sabin Azua (B+I Strategy). The aim was to assist participants acquire the necessary skills to create new businesses, as well as help them think about a proactive search for opportunities and the strategic focus of new initiatives. Finally, and along with learning useful tools to design new businesses, they were taught some lessons about the development and implementation phases.

During the Seminar, the participants had the chance to hear about the experiences of international benchmark cases in terms of intra/entrepreneurship. Aside from the analysis of successful cases provided by the speakers, two leading Basque companies were present in the Seminar to share their respective experiences and lessons learned.

 Watch Eduardo Junkera (President, EGILE Corporation XXI) recount their experience. (Spanish)


Watch Gonzalo Martín (Head of New Business, CIKAUTXO) recount the experience of this co-operative company in Bizkaia. (Spanish)