A decade of building futures: B+I Strategy 2005-2015

A decade of building futures: B+I Strategy 2005-2015

As we enter the New Year, we leave behind an unforgettable 2014, just as extraordinary as each and every one of the last 10 years which have lead us to our 10th anniversary in 2015.

It seems like yesterday when we founded B+I Strategy. We are a group of highly experienced professionals, who believed, and still believe in, another way of making strategic consulting more personalised and sensitive to our clients’ needs, as well as centred on their goals and challenges. By embarking upon this venture, we wanted to prove that it could be done, and that our vast experience and ongoing ‘skills building’ in new concepts and methodologies, could light the way to ‘another future’.

Today, 300 plus projects and thousands of people later, we have completed a decade of business activity which we wish to celebrate with you. So, over the coming months we will be informing you of the surprises which we have in store for you in order to commemorate our 10th anniversary. We shall continue to share with you our knowledge and experience through new encounters, and naturally, we will acknowledge how, thanks to you, those previous encounters have become classic. 

The first milestone in this New Year will be the presentation of the fourth edition of the B+I White Book on Strategy which we will be informing you about shortly. We will, of course, be holding another edition of Strategic Conversations, on the heels of the enormously successful event entitled ‘Employee Participation’, which surpassed all our expectations (see the recently uploaded videos). Thank you again for accompanying us!

Without revealing all the details just now, we’ll be letting you know in person, on our website, and on the social networks, where more and more of us are exchanging ideas and reflecting upon the topics which are important to us. 

We have certainly learnt much over the years. We now know that the future is not a blank page to be written on, but rather, a story of opportunities which deserve to be recorded as soon as possible in 2015. The New Year promises to be a special year for the whole team at B+I Strategy, a team of which you are an important part.

Thank you for accompanying us throughout our history and into our future.

We extend to you our very best wishes for the New Year.

The B+I Strategy Team