B+I Strategy is now an active member of the Spanish Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers- AFM

As of December 2014, B+I is an active member of the Spanish Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers (AFM). Representing 90% of machine tool and advanced manufacturing technology companies in Spain, AFM works to promote the internationalisation and technological innovation of its members. AFM is also a member of the European associations CECIMO and ECTA.

Throughout our history at B+I, we have worked extensively with a number of companies in the machine tool sector, as well as with capital goods manufacturers in general. We have also worked with Governments and science and technology players in defining specific policies aimed at supporting advanced manufacturing (AM).

There are a variety of reasons why we applied for membership with AFM which can be summarised below:

  • To learn more about the challenges facing the sector and the leading trends to better meet the needs of B+I clients, many of whom are members of AFM.      
  • To contribute to the development of the machine tool sector, bringing both our knowledge of the market and that of the specific challenges being faced by companies, as well as our experience working with the public sector.
  • To establish new ties of co-operation with sector players.
  • To receive support from AFM in order to establish ties with international players.  

Some of our clients are found amongst AFM members: Fagor Arrasate, Ona Electroerosión, Goizper, and Alcor Group (TMI).