Estrategia Empresarial Newspaper Reviews B+I Strategy’s “Estrategia Nº 0000001″

In its 16-29 February 2012 issue, the bi-weekly newspaper Estrategia Empresarial (Business Strategy) reviews B+I Strategy’s recently published “Estrategia Nº 0000001“. Available on this website in PDF format, this 17 article book features 15 articles in Spanish and two in English, all centred around Strategy as its common thread throughout.

Written by B+I Strategy Associates, this timely 84-page publication also includes important contributions from Carsten Beck (CIFS), Jon Azua (e-novatingLab), Edna Pasher (Edna Pasher Ph.D. & Associates), Göran Roos (Intellectual Capital Services) and Primavera Garbarino (Integran).

See review (Spanish)