Training in “Blue Ocean Strategies”

The whole team at B+I Strategy has recently completed advanced training in defining and implementing “Blue Ocean Strategies” in a tailor-made course delivered by Iñigo Echeveste, Ph.D. over two full days of intensive theoretical and practical training by means of the Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation (BOSS).


The theory of Blue Ocean Strategy proposes that the business leaders of tomorrow will not achieve success by battling their competitors head on in the so-called “red oceans”, but rather by creating “blue oceans” in undisputed market spaces where competition becomes irrelevant.

Originally put forward by co-authors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne of INSEAD Business School in 2005 in their book, the theory has since become one of the most utilised approaches world-wide to generate radical innovation, simultaneously increasing value and cutting costs. Some successful examples of blue oceans are Circle du Soleil, Nintendo Wii, Samsung or The Yellow Tail.

A connoisseur of the Blue Ocean Strategy theory, Iñigo Echeveste was awarded a doctorate in competitive strategy by the ESSEC Business School. Dr. Echeveste is currently a professor of strategic marketing, innovation and competitive strategy at the École Hôtelière de Lausanne, as well as President of Consulplusteach.