I ETORBIZI Encounter on Socio-Sanitary Innovation

I ETORBIZI Encounter on Socio-Sanitary Innovation

The I ETORBIZI Encounter on Socio-Sanitary Innovation was held from 8-10 October at the Euskalduna Conference Centre in Bilbao. In attendance were over 750 representatives from private companies, various public administrations, science and technology players, as well as organisations connected to socio-sanitary innovation.

The main goals of the encounter were the dissemination of information and construction of knowledge regarding the socio-sanitary field in general and socio-sanitary innovation in particular. Additional goals were to jointly identify key areas and agents, future opportunities, lines of progress and key content all in order to agree upon a shared agenda and dynamic for innovation in products, services and socio-sanitary policy.

Participating actively in this event, B+I STRATEGY gave a presentation on the BIZILAB Project, entitled “BIZILAB: a living lab for open innovation in the attention to individuals with intellectual disability and development”. B+I STRATEGY played an active role in the design and implementation of the BIZILAB Project in collaboration with FEVAS (The Basque Federation of Associations Supporting the Intellectually Impaired).

Furthermore, B+I Strategy’s Oscar Valdivielso, especially invited by ETORBIZI, acted as rapporteur, moderator and facilitator in a number of sessions, and in particular in the session entitled “Support Technologies and Socio-Sanitary Innovation: Opportunities in Business and Entrepreneurial Development”, which was presented by Adriana Martinez, the director of APTES. Also participating in this session were representatives from such companies as Personalia, Bet Quality of Life as well as Tecnalia, along with a variety of public Basque administrations and organisations in the service sector.