Professor José María Luzarraga visits B+I Strategy

The team of consultants at B+I was recently honoured by a visit by Prof. José María Luzarraga, PhD., a researcher and professor with Mondragon Unibertsitatea (MU) as part of B+I Strategy’s continued commitment to ongoing training.  Prof. Luzarraga spoke about the need for integration in global ecosystems of innovation and the importance of participating in opportunities found in such countries as China, India, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Turkey. Additionally, he spoke about some successes and failures in this regard.

Basing his research on the internationalisation of companies within the MONDRAGON Corporation, Prof. Luzarraga’s work demonstrates a positive relationship between multi-location, economic results and job creation. Some of the levers of success we find are the industrial parks abroad, the development of the supply chain in low-cost countries and the implementation of innovative and individually adapted management models.

Prof. Luzarraga’s Thesis. “Mondragon Multilocalisation strategy: Innovating a Human Centred Globalisation.“