Messi or Cristiano? A choice available in many companies

Suppose, just for a moment, that we detach ourselves from our football preferences, albeit a somewhat impossible feat in humans, and objectively analyse the football players Cristiano and Messi as though we were considering them for a position in our own company. We might come to some noteworthy conclusions.

Cristiano is the personification of extreme effort; training relentlessly to meet the demands of the job. Moreover, he brings laudable creativity and direction to the task, keeping his competitors constantly in check. He is infinitely goal-oriented and is delighted to be constantly at the centre of attention. 

On the other hand though, we would also find that his inflated ego hinders a smooth working relationship with his team-mates and agents. He would rather work alone than work with a team, using the means of production to his exclusive benefit, thus making his superiority even more renowned. In short, he lives in his own world, which at times, is incompatible with the welfare of others.

In contrast, and despite the fact that he is a man of few words, Messi would communicate extensive knowledge of business model variants. He also exhibits the essential skills to be a born leader on the field, as his sense of collective achievement outweighs individual interest. Messi helps his work-mates to be better by enhancing their virtues and skills, contributing generously to the collective effort, while keeping fancy tricks to a minimum.

In more than one organisation’s recruitment process, Cristiano would be picked over Messi for his explosiveness, aggressiveness, desire for personal accomplishment and unlimited ambition, etc. ― all key elements in the make up of teams within companies.

Personally, however, were I given a choice, I would pick Messi hands down, for his undeniable technical qualities. He fervently favours the collective over the individual, making the people he works with better. 

Messi’s judicious presence in the limelight accords him class and status, an ability to relate to key agents on and off the field, ultimately bringing him closer to clients.

A company is a community of people. As such, it requires professionals with both a collective spirit and a spirit of cooperation. It is also firm in its commitment to nurturing individual members, and shows respect for competitors and related players, amongst others. For those of us who cherish those values, we love to see Messi play.

Sabin Azua

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