The Worldwide Economic Crisis

“Today, no-one is left untouched by the crisis. Exiting the crisis will not depend solely on how accurate or not the diagnosis is. Rather, and more importantly, it will depend upon the decisiveness, determination and intensity with which we employ our resources in order to achieve a change in people’s attitude and way of thinking. This change is not so that we can go back to a time before the crisis; instead it is so that we can move towards a new model of general well-being”.

In this post we wish to highlight the excellent article by Jon Azua “Por qué pasó lo que pasó…y lecciones para una crisis” (Because what happened, happened…and lessons for a crisis) published in the book: “La Crisis Económica Mundial” (The Worldwide Economic Crisis) (Quintero Editores Editorial Oveja Negra). Although it was published in November 2008, his words ring truer than ever today.

*Read full text in PDF (Spanish).