Sabin Azua participates in the Mondragon Corporation forum

Sabin Azua participates in the Mondragon Corporation forum

On 19th July, MONDRAGON Corporation organised their latest forum on innovation, which was held at the Kursaal Congress Centre and Auditorium in San Sebastian-Donostia with over 300 heads of co-operatives in attendance in order to share experiences on the positioning of brands, products, services and companies in the consumer's mind.

The session was inaugurated by the President of the General Council of MONDRAGON Corporation, Iñigo Ucín, who highlighted that by means of this event, to try and learn from each other with the goal of improving MONDRAGON.

Sabin Azua, Partner and CEO of B+I Strategy, had the opportunity of speaking at the forum, who related the experiences of various co-ops, such as Maier, Mondragon Assembly, Orbea and Orkli. Furthermore, the experiences of external companies such as Repsol and Tubacex were analysed during the course of the forum, detailed by their respective Executive Directors, Josu Jon Imaz, and Jesús Esmorís. To close the event, a round-table discussion was held which was co-ordinated by Iván Marten, senior partner emeritus of Boston Consulting Group.

The Basque Minister of Economic and Infrastructure Development, Arantxa Tapia, gave the closing address in which she highlighted some of the challenges being faced by Euskadi in terms of positioning the Basque Region, in terms of computerisation, the concept of 'Europe', the future energy strategy, mobility and connectivity, and, talent and diversity.