Seminar on the prospection of automation with Carsten Beck

Seminar on the prospection of automation with Carsten Beck

On Tuesday, 13th June, a select group of 20 executive managers, representatives of public institutions and academics met at the Technology Park of Gipuzkoa in Donostia for a session of thinking and prospection for the impact of automation in organisations.

Those in attendance at the meeting, which was held in the format of a private conversation, were honoured by the presence of the Danish expert, Carsten Beck, director of CIFS of Copenhagen, a leading organisation in the field of prospection and with whom B+I Strategy has collaborated on a regular basis. Mr beck is a well-known worldwide expert in this field and we were able to hear from him first-hand some of the main trends and variables that are changing the fields of production and management in the more advanced sectors and industries.

The dialogue with the Basque directors helped us, amongst other things, to understand the current priorities of Basque companies regarding automation and the management of the change towards a new model of industry. Mr Beck began by analysing the mega-trends that are affecting professional and personal fields such as aging, technological development, and individualization, all of which cannot be ignored, so we must decide how to deal with them and take advantage of the opportunities that they offer. Automation is a clear example; our companies are already taking steps to deal with this because it has become a reality, but it calls for new challenges and action focused on the foreseeable evolution and its implications in many fields.

Finally, this seminar will also help us to complete the analysis which the B+I Strategy team is currently undertaking on automation, what it consists of, and what factors explain it. Furthermore, it contributes to understanding its evolution and, particularly, the impact that it has, and may have into the future, on variables such as strategy, the creation of value added, innovation in processes, the search for and the development of new businesses, the technological evolution, as well as the management of talent in our companies, governments and other organisations. Both Mr Beck’s observations and the contributions made by the Basque executive managers during this seminar will be included in a report which we hope to present during the month of June.