Estrategia Nº 000006: Our latest book is now out

Estrategia Nº 000006: Our latest book is now out

On Tuesday 7th February, B+I Strategy's latest publication presented, Estrategia Nº000006, the sixth issue in our annual series on Strategy.

Held in Bilbao at the Mitxelena Auditorium of the Bizkaia Aretoa (a building of the Public Basque University-UPV/EHU), the event was co-led by Pedro Azpiazu, Basque Minister for Revenue and Economy; Pilar Kaltzada, writer and communication consultant; and Sabin Azua, CEO and Partner of B+I Strategy. In attendance were over 200 of our clients, collaborators and friends, whose presence and kind support are much appreciated.

The discussion went on for over an hour about the current situation and projections for our economy which the European Commission defines as "modest growth in challenging times". Discussed as well were the existing public policies supporting companies, the factors determining our future competitiveness, and the Basque model of growth which is characterised by the combination of the leading role of industry and services, balance in foreign trade, limited increase in prices, etc.

In the opinion of our guests, there is great hope for both the present and the future, although there still remain some situations and circumstances which bear a certain resemblance with the recent past, especially in terms of the effort which will be required in order to face them. These, and other questions, are dealt with in our book, Estrategia Nº 000006

Finally, it is indeed at this point where we consider that the book ceases to be 'ours' and becomes property of each reader. We encourage you to read the various articles and to reflect on the ideas found therein, and then to go ahead and enrich and transform them, and especially, to go and apply them in your own company or organisation. We welcome you to give us your opinion and we lookforard to the opportunity to continue the dialogue together.

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