Sabin Azua gives a talk in a Public Basque University Summer Course

Sabin Azua gave a presentation entitled: "Manufacturing Renaissance in the Periphery of Europe: Is it still possible?" as part of the summer course which was jointly-organised by the Public Basque University (UPV/EHU) and EuroBask under the theme of: "Current dangers being faced by the European Union: socio-economic and fiscal policy inequalities."

The presentation was divided into three clearly defined parts which started off with covering the international competitive dynamic and its effect on the mechanisms of wealth creation and social cohesion. Then, Mr Azua went on to review the situation in Greece with the apprehension it causes regarding the implications it will have on the kind of Europe we wish to build in future. Finally, he closed his talk with the need to create an industrial ecosystem which promotes harmonic development of industry in the periphery of Europe, as well as detailing some of the essential traits of competitive industrial companies.