Machine-Tool Conference: Final Keynote Address by Igor Revilla

Machine-Tool Conference: Final Keynote Address by Igor Revilla

From 10th to 12th June inclusive the 20th Conference of Machine-Tool and Manufacturing Technologies was held in Donostia–San Sebastián. The final keynote address was by B+I Strategy's Igor Revilla who focused on the business opportunities which emerge from connecting such concepts as Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet, or Cyber-Physical Systems with the offer of services by capital goods manufacturers.

Igor Revilla defended the "journey towards services" as a means of developing great interest for sector companies. In order to successfully undertake this journey, he proposed several key points based on the study of what has worked for other companies. Amongst the key points are correctly understanding the position of each company in the value chain, learning about both the client’s problems and needs, as well as promoting cultural and organisational change.

See presentation (Spanish)

To obtain further information about the content of the presentation, we recommend reading the material published by B+I Strategy on this topic such as Diez recomendaciones para impulsar los servicios en empresas industriales (Ten recommendations for promoting services in industrial companies), or this advance report of the findings of the research project (Spanish).