II Seminar on Intra/entrepreneurship

II Seminar on Intra/entrepreneurship

Over 11th and 12th March, the second edition of the Intra/entrepreneurship Seminar was held at the Gipuzkoa Science Park, following the great success of the first-ever edition in November 2014. The Basque Ministry of Economic Development and Competitiveness, SPRI and BIC Berrilan (the Basque Agency for Innovation; and the Centre of Business and Innovation of Gipuzkoa) collaborated in the organisation of the seminar as part of a larger framework of activities being developed throughout Euskadi to assist Basque industrial companies to develop and implement projects related to corporate entrepreneurship.

Sabin Azua was one of the instructors to offer his experience, both practical and academic, as their contribution to aspiring Basque intra/entrepreneurs. In addition, Prof. Mathieu Carenzo and Prof. Antonio Dávila (both from IESE Business School), along with Prof. Nestor Guerra (Escuela de Organización Industrial - EOI), also led sessions aimed at acquiring the necessary skills for generating new businesses. Furthermore, the goal of the sessions was to facilitate thinking about areas of proactive search for opportunities and the strategic focus of new initiatives, and to learn tools for designing, implementing and developing new businesses.

The participants in the Seminar had the chance to ask critical questions such as how Intra/entrepreneurship fits in an organisation’s strategy; management models; or the most appropriate means of financing a venture. During the Seminar, the companies IKOR and CAF shared the lessons of their experiences in intra/entrepreneurship from a practical point of view which was well-received by all in attendance.


 Sabin Azua: ¿Cómo encaja el desarrollo de nuevos negocios en la estrategia de la empresa?

Mathieu Carenzo: ¿Qué debería cambiar en el apoyo al intraemprendimiento?


Antonio Dávila¿Qué preguntas clave debe hacerse la empresa que quiere avanzar en el modelo de intraemprendimiento?

 Nestor Guerra¿Cuáles son los mitos más extendidos sobre intraemprendimiento?


 IKOR Case (Spanish)


 CAF Case (Spanish)