Workshop to promote worker participation in companies

On Friday 6th March, an encounter to promote worker-participation in companies in the Urola Erdia region of Gipuzkoa was organised by Iraurgi Berritzen (the agency for the socio-economic promotion and innovation of the Urola Erdia region of Gipuzkoa), and in collaboration with B+I Strategy. Participating in the workshop, which was held at Intsausti Mansion in Azkoitia (Gipuzkoa), were a number of industrial companies from the region who had the opportunity to think about the current economic climate, the challenges being faced in future, as well as about the role of people in future business projects.

This workshop is part of a working process which Iraurgi Berritzen has put in place with the support of the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa to promote new mechanisms for thinking and private-public co-operation. These mechanisms allow for the design and implementation of measures to guarantee both the transformation of the Urola Erdia region, the improvement of the region’s competitive positioning over the long-term. This is just one of the lines of work being developed in building business and regional projects to make them more shared, competitive and sustainable. In coming months new thinking encounters are being planned for companies, various levels of government and socio-economic players in the region to promote worker participation in companies.

One such example of an upcoming encounter is on 26th March (16:00-18:30 at Sindikatu Zaharra in Azpeitia). In this workshop on sensitisation and skills-building in worker participation attendees will be able to gain a clear vision of the keys to participation of people in organisations by learning from the practical experience of various experts and executives from both the Urola Erdia region, and other regions.


News item in the newspaper, El Diario Vasco, regarding the Iraurgi Berritzen sponsored Seminar on 26th March and the support of job creation by fostering  entrepreneurship.