Sabin Azua in Chiapas with the assistance of ALBOAN

Sabin Azua in Chiapas with the assistance of ALBOAN

This past February, Sabin Azua had the opportunity of travelling to Chiapas, Mexico to film some of the first encounters which form part the ‘Conversaciones’ project under the auspices of the NGO, ALBOAN.

‘Conversations’ is a project which aims to connect individuals from the Basque business world with their peers in South America. The goal is to promote an exchange of experiences and joint thinking on what it means to be a businessperson, what their motivations are, and what role the Company plays as a motor of development in the given society in which it operates. 

ALBOAN is backing this project to collectively create a value proposition, an innovative, shared project which creates forums for thinking about the role of the Company in the positive transformation of society. In this initial phase of the project, Sabin Azua spoke to Alberto Irezabal, the Manager and promotor for Chiapas of the Yomol A ´Tel Group.

B+I Strategy’s participation in this initiative is part of our continued collaboration with ALBOAN which we have maintained since 2009. We are grateful to ALBOAN for this opportunity to participate in this Project which has allowed us to learn about first-hand different business realities along with the specific environments in which they operate. 

Read the news article on Alboan’s website (Spanish)