Koldo Saratxaga leads a training session with the B+I Strategy team

On Thursday 5th February, we were visited by one of the partners of ‘K2K emocionando’, Mr Koldo Sarataxaga, as part of our programme of in-house training and discussion sessions with relevant individuals from the Basque business world.

While going over his long career, Mr Sarataxaga spoke about his 2007 publication, Un nuevo estilo de relaciones (A New Relationship Style), which advocates the human potential within organisations, as well as the need for transforming those organisations. He defended the idea that the current hierarchy must evolve into a new relationship paradigm based on the principles of: freedom; trust; ethics; solidarity with others; open communication; and teamwork, etc. He also emphasised the importance of taking care of people so that they would be able to develop their own innovative and creative potential which would result in the needed organisational change.

We are enormously grateful to Mr Saratxaga for participating in our sessions which allow us to learn and think about concepts and practices regarding organisational change, as well as the key role people must play in achieving that change.