Montserrat Palet, Head of B+I Strategy Catalonia, addresses the III Annual Summer School of the Girona Business Organisation-FOEG under the theme of ‘Defending and Promoting the Importance of the Entrepreneur’

Defending and promoting the importance of the entrepreneur was the theme of the III Annual Jordi Comas Summer School sponsored by FOEG (Federation of Business Organisations of Girona) in Palafrugell on 8th and 9th July. During the proceedings, numerous experts emphasised the importance of entrepreneurs, and that of companies, as an economic motor, which Ms Montserrat Palet spoke about to an audience of over a hundred business people from Girona.

The focus this year was on entrepreneurs and business people, with the testimony of companies which started out as small family businesses, but which have transcended national borders thanks to the continued effort of various generations, such as Galletas Trias, or Transportes Tresserras. There was also a round-table discussion on energy, industry, competitiveness and future perspectives. During the afternoon, three successful cases were presented: Ramon Puente (Gas Gas Motos); Xavier Dolo (Clean Tech Dolo Group); and Xavier Albertí (DO Empordà), who all explained how their individual companies have become benchmarks in their respective sectors.

The Catalan Minister of the Economy and Knowledge, Mr Andreu Mas-Colell, gave the opening address, while the closing address was delivered by Mr Salvador Alemán (President of Abertis, and Chairman of the Advisory Board of CAREC - Economic Reactivation and Growth of the Government of Catalonia). Mr Alemán’s address was entitled 'Company Size and Internationalisation: Lessons to be gleaned from the economic crisis in order to capitalise on the recovery'.

Read the article published in the Diari de Girona (Catalan)