Sabin Azua Discusses Employee Participation in the Entrepreneurial Project

On 11 November at 11:00, the Alumni Association of “Armeria Eskola” (a Vocational School in Eibar, Gipuzkoa) hosted a fascinating panel discussion entitled “The Right to Decide and Sovereignty”. Coordinated by EUSKALIT, the event was part of “European Week” on ADVANCED MANAGEMENT.

Speaking about employee participation in the entrepreneurial project, the panellists were: Sabin Azua (CEO and Partner of B+I Strategy); Juan María Uzkudun (President of Gipuzkoa Berritzen – an Association Promoting Innovation in Gipuzkoa); Lorenzo Mendieta (Director General of Alcorta Forging Group); and with Joxe Mari Ulazia Ibarzabal acting as moderator.