VIABILITY of new projects: start-up analysis

On occasion putting government plans into action, or executing public policy requires new instruments and organisms which in turn develop new capacities, programmes and activities or which integrate existing actions in an organisation.

This process involves a detailed viability study aimed at determining, among others, the optimum place in the institutional framework, its area of competence and its objectives and activities. Additionally, the active participation of numerous external players is a must to ensure the success of the instrument once project implementation commences.

  • What should be the scope of action and the competencies vis-à-vis the various players concerned?
  • What objectives, basic lines of strategy and activities should be undertaken within the framework of government plans?
  • What mechanisms and what organisational structures ought to be defined in order to guarantee fulfilment of the previously defined basic strategy?

Strategic plan Mexican network of centres "Es-Por-Tí" (Education - Sport - Entertainment)

Cooperation with a private investment group in the design of network of centres: analysis of existing sports opportunities in Mexico; definition of the business model: value proposition, clients, organisation, prices, etc.; relationship model with external players; economic and financing viability study; exploitation and investment estimate, etc.

Design and implementation proposal: Basque Agency for Innovation

Strategic objectives of the Agency; strategic lines of action and activities to be undertaken; role to be played by the various institutional players involved; partnerships; necessary human, physical and technical resources; implementation calendar; 100% support during implementation phase.