SCIENCE and RESEARCH: the Knowledge Society

Strategically speaking, science is seen as the joining of a number of inseparable links: basic research, ever-present in the generation of knowledge and applied research, all focused on the transfer and exploitation of results and jointly developed with public and private players.

Research centres design strategies to bolster their strengths, reinforce their international positioning, increase their capacity to attract the most qualified talent as well as support relationships with leading scientists in their field, which lead to innovative structures for the exploitation of results, in turn keeping them on the cutting edge of knowledge.

Successful institutions act as a springboard for research in attracting and retaining talent, the exploitation of results, and above all, financing based on outstanding results.

  • What areas of knowledge are affecting the prevailing future tendencies?
  • What strategies are being implemented by world leaders in research?
  • What world springboards do we need to promote new science and research activities?
  • What capacities do we have at our disposal in order to drive research activities? What instruments facilitate activity vis-à-vis excellent RD&i?
  • What model of exploitation of results can we implement for RD&i?


RD&i and transfer technology strategy

RD&i strategy and transfer technology at Leartiker research centre and Azaro Fundazioa, focused on the exploitation of results in the areas of polymers and food technology as applied to healthcare.

Design of the Aging Cluster in the Basque Region-Fatronik

Definition of an initiative to structure and stimulate the aging cluster of the Basque Region, undertaking a diagnostic of the region in this field, choosing strategic partners, defining the strategic purpose of the Cluster, and drawing up of a map of the players and relationships.

Definition of the Neiker strategic project

Definition of Neiker’s strategic project and adapting the organisation to the project, developing the annual management plan and defining the scorecard.