New PROGRAMMES and SYMPIOSIA: moving from theory to practice

How do we best put it into practice? Often public institutions need to organise training sessions for interaction between both companies and other players of interest.

Although there can be a wide range of objectives sought after in each of these events, the common thread, however, is a number of underlying common goals. Examples can be setting up a platform for dialogue and interaction so that representatives from participating organizations can get to know each other, to understand development needs, opportunities for collaboration, discuss the main characteristics of the business network, and find key elements to improve competitiveness or offer training and management methodologies.

  • How can we design programmes to put defined policies into practice?What are the most appropriate methodologies for each case?
  • What initiatives can be undertaken to empower the companies and people involved?
  • What models and tools can be implemented to spur action?
  • What is the most effective format of events or workshops to ensure deployment? How to best design and run these sessions to make them more participative, practical and useful?

Workshop to encourage innovative public purchasing

Organisation of a workshop to discuss and come up with a series of useful recommendations for those Public Administrations throughout the Basque Region taking steps in the direction of innovative public purchasing. 
Drafted and presented a working document, ran a joint thinking session and drafted summary conclusions.

360º Competitiveness Programme

Support provided to ACC1Ó (Regional Government of Catalonia) to organise a package programme of business intervention aimed at the development of strategic thinking and operative action in Catalan companies.
Design of different instruments for intervention, methodology, drafting of manuals for companies, learning sessions and workshops.

Training in intra/entrepreneurship

Training programme for technical teams in intervention models to propel intra/entrepreneurship in companies.