NEW SECTORS: green economy and bio-sciences, building the future

The appearance of new sectors is provoking serious disruptions in the regional economic and social structure, hits the news and quickly and seemingly turns into a source of tremendous opportunities.

However, the structuring of emerging sectors, which incorporates previously inexistent levels of knowledge and high tech, demands clearly defined strategies and careful planning of the coordinated participation of public and academic players, researchers and business leaders, who are ever-linked to existing capacities.

It becomes critical, then, to plan investments in talent and research, to create strategic partnerships, reach critical mass for the generation of knowledge, promote excellence and adapt expectations to the pace of progress inherent to the new activity. Furthermore, turning opportunities into results first requires the design and creation of specific instruments in order to lead the consolidation process of new sectors.

  • What sectors are those that will propel future economic progress? What are the global technological tendencies in new sectors?
  • How do we structure efficient development in a new sector? Which capacities are needed in order to participate in emerging sectors?
  • How do we transform local and global opportunities into economic activity in our community? What are the rates of development we should expect?
  • What impact does the new activity have on new sectors? How to best foster the participation of traditional organisations in new sectors?

Support provided to define the new BioBasque 2020 Strategy

Measurement of the economic and social impact of biosciences in the Basque Region; diagnostic and evaluation of the BioBasque 2010 strategy; analysis of the international biosciences scenario; definition of a future outlook and drafting of a new biosciences strategy.

Development of a green economy strategy for Gipuzkoa

Diagnostic of capacities this Basque province in strategic sectors: energy, eco-construction, eco-industry, natural resources management. Analysis of future tendencies in the "green" sector world-wide and evaluation of leading international experiences in developing green economy strategies; identification of opportunities in creating and attracting new activities and technologies; strategic design of the green economy in Gipuzkoa and definition lines of action to stimulate activity in this field.



Definition of Biozientziak Gipuzkoa Fundazioa, a foundation to promote biosciences in Gipuzkoa

Definition of alternatives for the Foundation, description of objectives and strategic activities and action plan for its launch.