PUBLIC HEALTHCARE and GERIATRIC SERVICES: producing well-being, wealth and innovation

The main challenge of healthcare and geriatric systems in coming years is to ensure the financial sustainability of a fair, efficient and supportive, quality universal healthcare system. The goal is to balance growing demand for services with limited resources within an advanced management and organisation scheme.

In order to face this challenge successfully, it is essential to be committed to innovation, by encouraging the gathering and application of knowledge via RD&i.

On the other hand, it must not be forgotten that the healthcare sector presents strong potential for wealth creation, due to its specific weight in GDP creation and employment, as well as its tractor effect on high value-added sectors (ICTs, equipment, pharmaceutical industry, etc.).

  • How should healthcare and geriatric systems evolve in order to attend to the changing needs of the public, such as the chronically ill, aging, disease prevention, and other challenges?
  • How can we promote and facilitate the development of innovations, which contribute to improving of the health and welfare of citizens as well as the efficiency of resource use?
  • How can we find new untapped resources and sources of financing which contribute to the system’s sustainability?
  • How do we create new business opportunities which lead to wealth creation? How should we manage them?

Support provided to organise the Forum on Innovation in Healthcare

Support provided to the Basque Foundation for Innovation and Research in Healthcare - Bio Foundation in designing and organising the Forum on Innovation in Healthcare focused on developing the business network.

Ongoing support provided to the Basque Ministry of Health to implement improvements to management

Technical assistance to update, systemise and standardise practices in the public healthcare system in the Basque Region. Development of a balanced scorecard for follow-up of the Ministry strategy, and design of a model to project the economic impact of healthcare.

Design of the Basque Foundation for Geriatric Innovation (today Etorbizi)

Support provided to the Basque Government in the design of the Basque Foundation for Geriatric Innovation. Diagnostic of the current situation of healthcare knowledge and innovation in the Basque Region; definition of mission and strategic objectives; definition of the target business model; implementation planning; and drawing up of investment and exploitation budgets.