PROSPECTION: a discipline for studying, understanding and influencing the future

Prospection is the discipline which studies the future in order to understand it and to ultimately influence it.

Prospection and strategy complement each other greatly. Strategy must weigh up different “times”, responding to critical short, medium and long-term questions.

Companies capable of designing their strategies keeping into account these time horizons will discover opportunities and risks that their competitors will never see or understand.

  • What will we be like 20 years from now? What about our companies and cities?
  • What factors and changes will influence our day-to-day life over the coming decades? What behaviours should we expect from our consumers?
  • How will the markets of our main products evolve in each region?
  • What new products will appear on the market? How will technologies in our sector evolve?
  • What strategies will companies follow in future? How will they be organised?

Basque Government - Basque Premier’s Advisory Council on Socioeconomic Affairs

Demography, Employment and Training Time Horizon Euskadi 2030

Technical support provided to Basque Premier’s Advisory Council on Socioeconomic Affairs to analyse the question of “Demographics, Economic Growth and Sustainability of Public Accounts Towards 2030”, covering the following areas: demographic projections, scenarios, economic growth, sustainability of public accounts and public policies to deal with an aging population.

"10 tendencies towards 2020" Forum

In collaboration with the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, a forum was organised to bring business leaders and other players to openly discuss the ten leading world tendencies that will determine how we will live and work and which factors will influence our business decisions over the next decade.