ENTREPRENEURSHIP and INTRAPRENEURSHIP: motors for value creation

Currently, there exists considerable and growing interest in boosting entrepreneurial initiative as an essential element in creating value, job creation and growth of the GDP.

This concern for entrepreneurship becomes manifest in multiple actions in this respect at all levels: local, regional, national and international. In particular, attention is being given to the incorporation of entrepreneurial competencies in training programmes, initiatives in support of entrepreneurs and companies, business incubators, capital funds initiatives, etc.

However, despite this diversity of programmes, on occasion these turn out to be misaligned, possibly requiring close review. Not only is the end goal that of strengthening existing companies, it is really intended to optimise wealth creation by founding new and innovative businesses with an internationally focused long-term outlook.

  • How best to define and express a government plan supporting entrepreneurship? Which departments ought to be involved?
  • What entrepreneurial competencies could be incorporated into education programmes?
  • How to best put forward policies favouring entrepreneurship for specific strategic sectors? What support initiatives are being put in place in other countries?
  • How best to optimise coordination between different structures and initiatives?
  • How best to encourage and structure entrepreneurial activity within companies?

Plan Euskadi Entrepreneurial Society

Support provided to Basque Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in designing “Plan Euskadi Sociedad Emprendedora” (Plan Euskadi Entrepreneurial Society): defining and drawing up of the vision, mission and strategic goals; description of actions and projects to be undertaken towards set goals; implementation requirements; management and follow-up mechanisms, etc.


Development and validation of an intra/entrepreneurial model

Definition of a management model which fosters intra/entrepreneurial initiatives originating within companies.

Pilot experiences in Korta Group, Gorosable and Egile Group to validate methods of intra/entrepreneurship government support, by means of practical application of the aforementioned method.

Definition of competencies aimed at encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship in degree programmes offered at the Basque Public University-UPV/EHU

Design of a development model for innovation and entrepreneurial competencies among students at the Basque Public University-UPV/EHU based on an analysis of successful initiatives in other universities and in conjunction with experts in the field.