Economic IMPACT: a key tool in decision-making

Any infrastructure, project or event that requires considerable investment and the participation of a number of players, will produce an undeniable economic impact on the region in question.

An economic impact analysis must include a close examination of the expenses of all the players, who either directly or indirectly, are connected with a given project, event or infrastructure, within the geographic area and timeframe of the scheme.

Knowledge of economic currents, multiplying effects and the sectors most benefited contribute valuable information to the promoters and financers of a project or an infrastructure for correct analysis and appropriate decision-making, both a priori and a posteriori, that is to say, the feasibility of a new project, and the real economic impact on the region at project completion.

  • How do we evaluate the impact on the economy, taxes and returns of a given project? Can we ascertain which productive sectors have benefited most?
  • How can we analyse and evaluate costs derived from all the activities undertaken in a given project and from the interaction among the multiple players involved?
  • What quantitative arguments can help us justify a new infrastructure or project?

Economic impact study of healthcare

Economic impact study of healthcare in the Basque Region which covered various consecutive years and training on the use of the model.

Analysis of the overall impact of biosciences

Analysis of the overall impact biosciences in the Basque Region with the objective of enhancing sectorial development, as well as to transmit its importance as a “motor” of competitiveness.

Redesign of the impact model of Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Redesign of the impact model in the region and tractor effect in terms of wealth creation and fiscal returns, incorporating new dimensions of cultural / social and environmental impact.