COMPETITIVENESS plans, promoting regional sustainable development

Far-reaching changes are taking place worldwide in how we compete, forcing companies, government and corporations to work together on innovative contexts and approaches to facilitate development.

This development is expressed in the progressive transformation in organizations and regions towards more competitive and inclusive models, thus creating sustainable wealth for their people and communities.

Strategies aimed at improving competitiveness require considering such elements as sustainability, inclusive and integrating developments, clusterisation opportunities of the economy, boosting innovation-technological or otherwise, stimulating innovation in people and companies, fostering entrepreneurship, co-operation between public and private players, etc.

  • How is the competitiveness of our regions affected by such changes as globalisation, technological advances, the preponderance of knowledge, and permanent connectedness, etc.?
  • What elements must we focus on in order to enhance the competitiveness and the innovative capacity of a region?
  • How do we develop processes and frameworks for public–private cooperation, which then materialise into projects and joint commitments, cultivating the formation of clusters, strengthening knowledge and talent, etc.?

Support provided to the structuring of the Strategic Agenda of their Industrial Policy

Analysis of opportunities for competitiveness in companies, prioritising specific actions to promote and facilitate competitiveness.

Clusterisation of the associated economy of the ENCE investment project in Uruguay

Strategic framework and viability of fostering a cluster around the ENCE project in Uruguay, and design of a clusterisation project with the logging-timber-energy industry at the core, growing an auxiliary business network positively influencing the local economy.