In addition to an experienced and qualified team of consultants, B+I Strategy maintains a network of high-calibre partner firms in our field which:

  • Enables us to exchange our knowledge and experience constantly in our specialized field, thereby keeping ourselves up-to-date with trends and allowing us to incorporate new approaches to our management system.
  • Supports our marketing strategies at an international level and which gives us access to prestigious clients.
  • Facilitates the carrying out of joint projects and support for projects wherever the international network is relevant.

At the present, we partner with the following organizations:

ICA2 (Spain)
A company focused on Knowledge Management and the Management of RD&i from both a strategic and business perspective. 


Intellectual Capital Services (United Kingdom, Australia, Scandinavia)
World leader in the field of formulating strategies based on the promotion of firms' intangible assets.

Edna Pasher Ph. D & Associates (Israel)
One of the leading firms in providing professional services in the areas of strategy and knowledge management, based in Israel. It has links with a number of international companies and knowledge centres in these fields.

VTT (Finland)
The largest centre for technological research in Northern Europe and an international benchmark in the field of innovation.

Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (Denmark)
International centre of prospection and futures. Benchmark organisation in Nordic countries in the analysis of socio-economic trends and construction of future scenarios both for companies and governments.


Integran (MERCOSUR)
One of the leaders in the provision of professional services in the fields of strategy and competitiveness, covering the Mercosur (Common Market of South America) countries.

eNovating Lab (Basque Country, Spain)
Company which concentrates on generating new ideas in competitiveness and which maintains close links with specialist international centres in this field.