B+I Strategy was born with a clear goal: to offer differential consulting services, assisting our clients to create value by centering on knowledge and continuous innovation. Our business focus, which is shared by all the people in our organization, is based on the following cornerstones:

  • Proven experience. Our management team has more than 15 years' experience on average in strategic consulting. A team of consultants is assigned to each and every one of our projects according to the skills required, which sets us apart from other consulting services.
  • Continuous innovation in products and services. We are convinced that the true value of management consulting stems from the capacity to question and re-invent how we do things. With a strong focus on innovation management inside B+I Strategy, we develop novel concepts within our service and we support our clients in transforming their companies into innovative business models.
  • Proximity to our clients. We offer personalized services adapted to the specific needs of each client. Our experience enables to suitably combine individual assessment with modular methodologies. This allows us to offer our clients all the advantages of personal assessment, while benefitting from the advantages of a large management consulting firm.
  • International focus. We have a proven track record in international projects, and are supported by a wide network of business partnerships around the world. Our portfolio combines projects both locally and abroad, as well as participating in international forums. At B+I Strategy, we believe that this is the optimum way to add value and a global perspective of future challenges to what we give to our clients.
  • The best professionals. At the heart of our management philosophy is our commitment to continuous professional development, both individually and of the team. More than a mere affirmation of our business image, it forms part of our day-to-day operation in training sessions, team information exchanges, cooperation with partners, publications, not to mention keeping up-to-date with specialised publications, and information dissemination among others.
  • Social commitment. We undertake social projects within our area of specialization.