BMASI is a strategy oriented consultancy firm which strongly believes in a different client relationship model. in our almost 20-year history, we have created our own accompaniment method to help companies become more competitive and generate a positive impact on society, using the best possible human assets to do so. come get to know us.

We’re strategy

We like knowing the reason behind things. Comprehending and querying changes. Interpreting the context. Valuing and prioritising opportunities. Managing uncertainties. Combining diverging points of view and visions. Not to mention putting forward ambitious motivating challenges, etc. Furthermore, our aim is to help companies and their management teams to aim high and shape the future.

We’re experience

Our team is our main asset. Whose members have long career in the world of consultancy accompanying tens of companies, governments, and organisations. We firmly believe working as a single unit is always better than the sum of the parts. Moreover, it’s said that harmonies are not possible if everyone plays the same note.

We’re innovation

If you look for different results, don´t do always the same. Our laboratory has been designing customised strategies for over 20 years, enabling our clients to stand out from the crowd, since with curiosity and decision inertia can be torn down.

We’re trustworthiness

We involve ourselves in our clients’ future challenges. Because we acknowledge them. With honesty and rigour but without magic recipes or cookie cutter solutions. Endeavouring to make complicated solutions straightforward. Via perseverance and using common sense. Because somebody’s got to clear the runway if you hope to take off and fly.

The Team

Ana Avendaño

Consultant Partner

Beatriz Tejedor

Consultant Partner

Oscar Valdivielso

Consultant Partner

Igor Revilla

Consultant Partner

Iraide Goyeneche

Partner – Administration

Álvaro Quintanilla

Consultant Partner

Manuel Vizán

Consultant Partner

Cristina Benguria


Ainara Bendaña

Technical Support

Lucía Hidalgo

Project Director

Natalia Torralba


Irati Piña


Eleder Loriaux


Goretti Abascal


Asier Garcinuño